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    MI - Mariah Gilliam, 22, pregnant, Detroit, 6 June 2016

    Mom of missing daughter gets phone call: 'She's dead'

    A 22-year-old Detroit woman is missing for 11 days, no one has seen her and she is not answering her phone.
    Julie Schneider says she hasn't seen her daughter since June 6, and it's been more than a week since 22-year-old Mariah Gilliam responded to any of her mother's text messages.

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    "I got a restricted phone call," Schneider said. "They said 'B, she's dead.'"

    The next call was even worse - confirmation on June 18 that the body of Gilliam using fingerprints had been positively identified.

    She was in the morgue since June 11. Her cause of death right now, is unknown.

    Gilliam's body was discovered inside an abandoned home on Nottingham June 10. Schneider says the man staying there says that night he saw Gilliam inside a gas station named Mack Mart.

    Bizarre (& rather unbelievable) account of what happened the night Mariah died at the link.

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    So, so sad! 😢 Fly high Mariah and your little one.

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    RIP Mariah and baby.

    If what the guy says it's true about foaming at the mouth, then she could have injected something😢

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    Quote Originally Posted by los2188 View Post
    Mom of missing daughter gets phone call: 'She's dead'


    Images via embedded video @los' link

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_x_to_the_m View Post
    RIP Mariah and baby.

    If what the guy says it's true about foaming at the mouth, then she could have injected something��
    Or someone could have injected her with something.
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    Is the baby daddy in the picture? If she was four months pregnant, then that relationship was recent. Such a sad story (that as reported makes no sense).

    Fly high with the Angels, Mariah, and watch over your mom.

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    It seems strange that a young lady, with family nearby, would choose to go to an abandoned house with a strange man. The more logical decision would've been for her to use the phone of someone at the store to contact family or friends.

    Also, who called the mother and told her that the daughter was dead. I'm not sure if the guy is telling the full story.

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