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    PA - Jennifer Kauffman, 49, slain in murder-suicide, Columbia County, 16 June 2016

    Murder-Suicide Discovered Two Weeks Later - Columbia County - 16 June 2016

    Jennifer L. Kaufman/Kauffman*
    :: 49 Years Old :: Homicide by Gun Shot Wound

    Mark A. Kaufman/Kauffman*
    :: 58 Years Old :: Suicide by Gun Shot Wound

    Columbia County is in North-Eastern, PA.


    Includes Neighbor Video InterviewS

    *Awaiting which spelling -- Kaufman or Kauffman

    Our Support To All Domestic Violence Survivors, and Victims.
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    Why is this posted on websleuths--just curious bc I thought it was only unsolved murders? I am related to the woman. What the neighbors say in the video is terrible--victim blaming. I too thought women should just leave but it is not so simple.

    There is nothing about her in the news. Thank you for taking any notice at all. So tragic but I am still in denial.
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    PA - Jennifer Kaufman, 49, slain in murder-suicide, Columbia County, 16 June 2016

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    My heart goes out to you LucyBates
    RBBM: Websleuths has forums/threads on numerous subjects in addition to unsolved murders (e.g. missing persons cases, crimes against children, and cases that are currently in the news ) and this is just a short list.

    In my experience (IME), WSers start threads on cases they find relevant and/or of interest. I'm so sorry this case is related to you. I can imagine your pain, because what happened to her could have happened to me if I had not escaped my situation with my girls....

    That said, your input is beyond appreciated. ETA, I'm a DV survivor, and I've posted about my experiences here over the years. It has provided my solace and healing. The missing children cases and DV cases hold a special place in my heart. I couldn't agree with you more, it's not that simple for us to leave. Not everyone understands that. I watched that video and my heart broke for you.

    WS is a victim-friendly forum. Our Mods make sure of that. I hope you decide to stay. Just know that we are here for you.

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    LucyBates, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    The neighbors' victim-blaming is disgusting and shows how little people know about domestic violence. People still say she should have just left? Ugh. Your neighbor was just murdered and you want to go on record saying she had a choice in the matter.

    There's not much here, but this is his FB account.