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    CA - Oakland Police Statutory Rape Scandal Involves Cop Who Possibly Killed His Wife

    I'm personally disturbed by statutory rape and pressuring a teenager into sex being referred to as a "SEX SCANDAL" in the media.

    "Oakland, Calif., has gone through three police chiefs in eight days after scandals from illicit sex to racist texts……..
    Mayor Libby Schaaf said the city was about to close a new investigation focusing on racist text messages sent by police officers. That follows a probe into whether dozens of officers had sex with a teen-age prostitute."


    "Police sources say various OPD officers failed to report the allegations of sexual misconduct, and OPD internal-affairs investigators may have failed to thoroughly look into both the sex crime allegations and also the suspicious death of Huerta Lopez. An investigation of sexual misconduct was opened only after O’Brien’s death."

    link: http://www.eastbayexpress.com/SevenD...illed-his-wife

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    sorry for posting again, but I just found out about this today and have been digging further into the story.

    This is truly outrageous- if the allegations are true, the department covered up a murder by one of their own, possibly because he was involved in the sexual exploitation of a minor by additional officers.

    "Guap [not her real name], whose mother is an Oakland police dispatcher, said she began selling herself on the streets of Richmond at age 12. A pimp later moved her to Oakland's infamous sex trafficking hub on International Boulevard.

    It was there that she met Officer Brendan O'Brien, whom she said protected her when she was running from her pimp. Guap said the two began a sexual relationship, and others soon followed.

    "They were my protectors," she said. "I didn't have a pimp at the time. It did make me feel safer, having them."

    She said that Officer Terryl Smith, one of the two officers who resigned from the department earlier this year, gave her arrest records and other confidential information. Smith, she said, had a mattress in his off-duty car, and they had sex inside it about once a week for three months after he finished his shift at 2 a.m. Smith could not be reached for comment on Saturday.

    Another officer, who never gave her his name, tipped her off to undercover prostitution stings, according to text messages Guap shared with Bay Area News Group. Under the screen name "Superman," the officer wrote, "Want some advice? Stay off E14 from Fruitvale to 42 (nd Avenue) tonight. There's a UC (an undercover) operation."


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    Here's a very long, in-depth feature story in the East Bay Express


    "The scandal is unprecedented: According to multiple sources close to the department and the city of Oakland, and documents obtained by the Express, at least fourteen Oakland police officers, three Richmond police, four Alameda County sheriff's deputies, and a federal officer took advantage of the teenager. (The Express is not publishing her real name because she was a minor when her abuse began.)

    Three Oakland police officers committed statutory rape of Guap when she was under-age. By the state's legal definition, they engaged in human trafficking. The victim says every law-enforcement agent who had sex with her knew she was a sex worker.

    Guap, now eighteen years old, said she sometimes slept with cops as a form of protection from arrest or prosecution. Experts in human trafficking told the Express this amounts to coercion."

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    Just when I think what's been going on with the Oakland polithis can't be more nauseating:

    Oakland police scandal: Sergeant had been previously fired for impeding rape case


    "The veteran Oakland homicide detective who allegedly had his girlfriend ghostwrite a report in a high-profile 2013 murder case was previously fired by the department for impeding a rape case.

    Sgt. Mike Gantt, who is on leave and being investigated by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, was terminated more than a decade ago for showing the police report on a rape to a friend who was in jail for the crime, according to his attorney, Michael Rains. Gantt won back his job through arbitration.

    A source with direct knowledge of Gantt's internal affairs case said Gantt also was alleged to have tipped off the rape suspect that Oakland police were going to serve a search warrant on his vehicle to look for a gun possibly used in the rape."

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    CA San Francisco Oakland disciplines officers involved in sex scandal

    September 8, 2016

    Oakland disciplines officers involved in sex scandal

    A Northern California police department announced Wednesday that it started disciplining a dozen officers implicated by a teenage prostitute in a wide-ranging sex scandal.

    Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says the city's police department started dismissal proceedings against four officers, but noted some may have previously left the department. The department earlier announced that two officers implicated in the scandal previously resigned. A third killed himself last year.

    In addition, seven officers will serve a range of unpaid suspensions before being allowed to return to duty. Another officer will be required to attend training classes.

    "I am deeply sorry for the harm this scandal has caused," Schaaf said.


    The 19-year-old woman at the center of the scandal said she has had sex with about 30 law enforcement officials throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over the last two years. She said she had sex with four officers before she turned 18 and sometimes traded sex for protection from arrest or tip offs to planned prostitution stings.


    Most of the implicated officers work in Oakland, which has placed three other officers on leave. In June, the department cycled through three chiefs in 10 days after the teen's allegations were first reported in the media.

    Six Richmond police officers and several others working for other law enforcement agencies have also been implicated.

    Jesus Wept. John 11:35 KJV

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    Oakland police to fire 4 officers, suspend 7 others, in sexual misconduct scandal

    Four Oakland police officers will be fired and seven others suspended without pay for their roles in a sexual misconduct scandal that sparked national outrage earlier this year, Mayor Libby Schaaf confirmed late Wednesday.

    The officers, some of whom may have already resigned, were found guilty of administrative charges of attempted sexual assault, engaging in lewd conduct, assisting in the crime of prostitution and accessing law enforcement databases for personal gain, among other offenses, according to Schaaf.

    Seven others were suspended without pay for failing to report the ongoing sexual misconduct, and other crimes. An eighth officer was also assigned to undergo counseling and training for “bringing disrepute” to the department, city officials said.

    “I want to send a clear message to the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation living in our city. We see you. We hear you, and we are here to help you,” Schaaf said at a news conference. “And to those who exploit these victims and profit or take pleasure in their pain, we see you too.”

    Oakland Police have been investigating allegations that officers were having sexual contact with a self-described teenage sex worker for nearly a year. The woman has told authorities she first met an Oakland officer along a stretch of International Boulevard notorious for the sex trafficking of underage girls.

    The scandal exploded in June, when the woman claimed in a televised interview to have slept with more than a dozen city police officers. Some of the sexual interactions happened when she was underage, she said, and the woman also claimed she had sex with some officers in exchange for information about planned prostitution raids.

    The scandal soon widened, and members of four other East Bay law enforcement agencies were also accused of either having sex with the woman or engaging in other inappropriate conduct with her.

    Jesus Wept. John 11:35 KJV

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    san jose, ca
    Oakland and SF are different

    Yea this case has been another blemish on OPD.

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