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    $241,000 for Lap Dances? I'm In the Wrong Business. . .

    OCTOBER 21--A Missouri businessman who claims that a $241,000 bill for a night of lap dance luxuriating at Manhattan's leading strip club is a fraud is being sued by American Express for refusing to pay the debt. According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York State Supreme Court (a copy of which you'll find below), Amex contends that Robert McCormick, 40, and three guests ran up the tab during a visit to the Scores nightclub in October 2003. McCormick, the chairman and chief executive of Savvis Communications, a publicly held technology firm, has refused to pay the strip club tab, which was placed on his corporate credit card. McCormick and his firm have claimed that only about $20,000 of the charges are legitimate. In its lawsuit, Amex alleges that McCormick, who is pictured at right, signed credit card slips authorizing the six-figure bill, though the complaint does not detail how the quartet actually ran up the monumental tab. As we have previously reported, Scores is not unfamiliar with such claims of rampant overcharging. (11 pages)


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    Boy, what a stupid *ss. He admits his bill could be $20,000. It didn't say if he was married. Boy if I was his wife I'd clean him out. HE'D be out doing lap dances to make money when I'm done with him. Even if the bill was only $20,000 I'd say not bad for a nights work. Bet those dancers laughed all the way to the bank.

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