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    SC - Twin 3 year old boys drown in pool at family cookout


    According to McCown, the family was attending a cookout when the twins crawled under a fence to access the pool. He believes the boys were under water for about 15 minutes before being found.

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    Oh how tragic .

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    very tragic, and terrible,

    my 2 cents,

    the problem is nobody seems to know where to draw the line between parents responsibility and a "guarded area",

    i hate to compare it to the "gorilla zoo" incident, but these two cases are very similar,

    should the parents be supervising the kids better? or should the pool have been "child proofed" and better protected?.....seems like repeat of the zoo incident, and apparently nobody is responsible, except the poor children,
    Anything I post is just my own opinion, and my own speculation

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    Last year in SC where I grew up three children died in a kiddie pool the same way. I'm so glad I don't have little ones anymore. Whenever we have visits from itty bit ties, as I call them, I am anxious the entire time because of the pool we have.

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