From February:

A stab wound to the forehead is just one of several that Dealynn O’Connor suffered during an attack last month.

The 50-year-old recalls a friend inviting her to a home in Radcliff on Jan. 31. When that friend disappeared, O’Connor says strangers attacked her.

“I was hit with a bat. I was kicked. They stuffed a bandana in my mouth and taped me up. Put pillowcases over my head and walked me to my car,” O’Connor told WDRB. “They just kept telling me to shut up. And every time I spoke, I’d get hit.”
And now:

A woman found shot to death Friday inside her rental home in Smiths Grove has been identified as Dealynn O'Connor, 51...

O'Connor is also the victim in a Hardin County assault that occurred in Radcliff... Five people have been arrested in that case....

Trevor Brown, 20, Angela New, 43, Schawn Millin, 38, Chris Deaton, 28, and Marc McCoy, age unavailable, are all under indictment in Hardin County accused of complicity to kidnapping, first-degree assault of O'Connor and other offenses.