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    CO - Lamar, Human Skull UP15343, w/ artificial flowers, Jun'16

    NamUs UP Case 15343


    Unidentified Unsure sex and age
    * Found June 06, 2016 in Prowers
    County, CO
    * Estimated Year of Death: to

    Estimated postmortem interval: Years

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age:
    Age cannot be determined
    * Approximate Height: Cannot Estimate
    * Distinguishing Characteristics:
    Bone only, no soft tissue on the skull.

    * Clothing/Jewelry and items:
    Artificial flowers and old paper. One small glass bottle of what smells like formaldehyde.

    * DNA:
    Sample is currently not available
    * Dentals: Dental information charting is not available
    * Fingerprints:
    Fingerprint information is currently not available

    Case History:
    Human remains consisting of bones only.

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    Need some more info, but there are no missing people listed from Prowers County. Or Baca, Bent, or Kiowa, which are surrounding Prowers. I found some in Otero though.

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    And this is apparently not the foot found in a winter boot at Eldora Ski Resort in early June.

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    So, 201 S Main St, Lamar appears is 'Stockman's Motor Inn' - which may explain the formaldeyde. I wonder whereabouts on the property the remains were found.

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    wait, my bad. It was found on NORTH Main St. I think I'm losing it

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    Ok so, 201 N Main St is an electrical repair shop, so that again may explain the formaldehyde. Possible suicide?
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    This is the place, apparently. Street view as of August 2015. The owner is a guy my age, who has been in business at that address for 30+ years and is the vice president of the Lamar Chamber of Commerce. The building dates from around 1900.

    Going out on a limb here, I would guess maybe they found a skull (unclear if there are other bones) in a nook or cranny when they did some repairs or renovations. Since it was only found a couple of weeks ago, they probably don't even have a full forensic evaluation yet so we can hope there will be updates.
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    Flowers? Old paper? Formaldehyde? Sounds like a suicide to me..

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    Totally off topic:

    In trying to find information about suicide by formalin (the liquid form of formaldehyde), I have discovered there's a German band called Formalin, which produced a song called Somewhere Along the Road, which was remixed/covered on an album called Hotel Suicide by Mexican aggrotech band Rabia Sordo. It means nothing but it kind of weirded me out...
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    This is in the general area - but who knows if it's related:


    Very unusual circumstances.

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