A security guard who was gunned down Saturday night at a marijuana dispensary in Aurora was a father of three and had worked at the dispensary for just two weeks...

Mason had just finished his time serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. He moved to Colorado in February with his wife and children...

His wife, Samantha Mason, said one of the last texts she got from her husband was that there was a man bothering him and that he would tell her about it when he got home.

Cameras are everywhere in a pot shop, from the parking lot to the front door to the warehouses where the plant is packaged.

But the elaborate security requirements in states that allow medical or recreational pot stores have one thing in common: They were written to keep weed off the black market, not to protect the people handling the drug.

A fatal attack on a security guard at a suburban Denver dispensary last week has the industry wondering whether state security requirements are enough. Some industry analysts have compared a marijuana shop to a jewelry store full of untraceable diamonds, often uninsured and protected by people making not much more than minimum wage.

It's a recipe for danger.