Janita McNaughton, 23, was clawing her way back from heroin addiction when her new boyfriend, Mark Adams, invited her for a post-Christmas trip to Phillip Island.

The day after Boxing Day 1983 a group of six: McNaughton and young jewellers Adams, Komianos and Michael Kelly plus Komianos' mother and his fiancee headed to the island for a break. After drinking at the beach house they (without Mrs Komianos) took a 6.7-metre Savage outboard half cabin cruiser out on Western Port Bay.

Komianos, 29, hid two unlicensed pistols (a Beretta .25 and a Bernardelli .25) in a towel that he carried onto the boat... [H]e would eventually tell police, as he tried to hand the gun to Kelly it fell to the floor, discharging the bullet that struck McNaughton. Not a glancing blow but straight between the eyes from close range.

They returned to the Newhaven Yacht Squadron (but first Komianos dumped the guns overboard) with the critically injured woman, who was airlifted to hospital but died that night.

Cold case detectives have made a breakthrough in the mysterious death of part-time model Janita McNaughton who was shot dead on a speedboat 32 years ago...

Komianos was charged with manslaughter but the charges were dropped after the Coroner delivered an open finding at the inquest...

Kelly, 52, has now been charged with perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He is listed to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Thursday.