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    PA - JohnMarquis Stepich, 8, fatally assaulted, North Braddock, 20 June 2016

    An 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy who was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries Monday has died, and his mother's fiancé was arrested.


    Police arrested Orlando Williams, 38, late Monday night. (...)

    The complaint said Williams told police he had been drinking earlier in the day Sunday and that his fianceé left for work, leaving him with her three children. Williams told police that while in JohnMarquis’ room, he stumbled on a laundry basket with clothing inside. Williams said he became angry and yelled at the boy.

    According to the complaint, Williams then grabbed the boy and tried to slam him on his bed but missed.

    (...) Williams is a tier 3 sex offender, meaning he wasn’t allowed to be around children. County police have yet to say whether Williams will face more charges in the case because of his sex-offender status.

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    I don't know what to say. Except that I am so sorry JohnMarquis.

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    Such a monster! Will the mother be charged with anything for having this sex offender around her children?

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    I am so surprised at the stupidity of people. Who would want to be in a relationship with a convicted sex offender? Just at a loss...... I hope this little boy will RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaen View Post
    I am so surprised at the stupidity of people. Who would want to be in a relationship with a convicted sex offender? Just at a loss...... I hope this little boy will RIP.
    Not only in a 'relationship' with him---but she leaves him alone, in charge of her babies every day. She should be charged with 'child endangerment' if she knew this monster's criminal history.
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    If these "momsters" can't be charged with existing laws, new laws are going to have to be enacted as this is happening more and more.

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    North Braddock man gets life term for killing fiance's 8-year-old son


    After recounting the brutal details of 8-year-old JonMarquis Stepich’s death — his head being banged on a flat surface “over and over and over and over again” — Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Donna Jo McDaniel said that the only question was “Did the defendant kill with specific intent?

    “I find beyond a reasonable doubt the answer is yes.”

    She then found Orlando Williams, 39, of North Braddock guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his fiance’s son. The judge immediately sentenced him to the mandatory prison term of life with no possibility of parole. He showed no reaction as he was led from the courtroom.

    Daniel DeMarco, Lininger's attorney, said his client and her family were pleased with the verdict.

    “This is very tragic what happened,” DeMarco said. “We feel that justice was definitely served today in the courtroom.”

    JonMarquis's mother, Aliehsa Lininger faces charges of child endangerment in the case.
    Her trial is set to begin on February 12th.


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