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    TN, Nashville area. Woman Finds Terrifying Ex-Boyfriend Under Her Bed, June 2016

    While Installing Security System Because of Terrifying Ex-Boyfriend, Woman Finds Him Under Her Bed

    http://jezebel.com/while-installing-...ing-1782580141 June 23
    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/...t-draw7&wpmm=1 June 24

    ^ Pretty much says it all ^.

    Well, except for shooting him in the foot and holding gun on him until LE arrived.

    And, um, before this, she had her locks changed 2 times.

    And the part about her restraining order against him.
    Oh, yeah, and his (apparently) breaking into her apt 3 times after break up.

    Not sure if this belongs in Offbeat News or elsewhere.
    Seems like a (relatively) happy ending, at least for now.
    Glad she is making progress on getting him out of her life.

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    Good she had the gun to defend herself since all the restraining orders don't work to stop him.I hate to say it but she should of ended his life right then and there before he comes back to end hers.Men like this will not stop.
    If he ever gets out and he will (sooner than later), I hope he thinks twice about coming after her and if he does,she better shoot him dead.
    Lady needs a concealed carry for when she is going to and from her car.
    This is a serious situation for many women.

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