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    Accused in 2 Rapes, John Enochs Avoids Prison

    Accused in Two Rapes, Former Student at Indiana University Avoids Prison With Plea Deal

    A former Indiana University student who was charged with rape in two separate cases in September accepted a plea deal last week in which both felony charges were dismissed and he was sentenced to a year’s probation with no prison time for a misdemeanor.
    The more recent episode took place on April 11, 2015, at a party hosted by Mr. Enochs’s fraternity, Delta Tau Delta. A woman told the police that while she was drinking at the party, she went into the house to look for a bathroom. She said she had later found herself in a room with an unknown male having sex with her, despite her telling him “no” repeatedly and trying to push him away.
    After learning of the 2015 allegations against Mr. Enochs, a second woman pursued criminal charges against him. The woman said that she had blacked out while drinking with Mr. Enochs in her sorority house in October 2013, and was later told by friends that he had had sex with her. She had pain in her genital area for several days and was treated in a hospital soon after, she said, according to a police affidavit.

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    Woman Who Accused John Enochs of Frat Party Rape Sues Indiana University and Delta Tau Delta

    The civil lawsuit, obtained by PEOPLE, claims school officials and administrators "showed deliberate indifference to actual notice of this sexual assault and condoned Delta Tau Delta fostering an environment of illegal and dangerous activity, as well as sexual assault."
    "There were many red flags that both the school and the fraternal organization ignored which ultimately led to my client being sexually assaulted," attorney Jeff Herman says in the release.
    Can we please just get rid of frats already.

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    great, Brock Turner all over again.

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    Between these and the Jace Alexander's (let's give a film director a break cause he suffered enough) 10 years of probation for watching and promoting kiddie porn of children between 6 and 8, I am convinced that there is a backlash against levels of accountability in crimes against women and watching child porn. I guess it is time to get on a soapbox and make some noise in the greater world.

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