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    Australia - boys stomp dog to death, sydney, 2005

    Teenagers who attack animals should be severely punished to stop them turning into violent killers like Ivan Milat, Police Minister Carl Scully said yesterday.

    The minister has publicly deplored the latest killing - the torture of a small dog stomped to death by a gang of boys in a Sydney park.

    Witnesses told police five to eight boys were seen jumping on the dog in a reserve, between Salvana Way and Norman Crescent, Claymore, about 5.30pm on Friday.

    They then put the small cross-bred in a discarded baby stroller, before removing it, jumping on it again and leaving.

    Superintendent Stuart Wilkins from the Macquarie Fields Local Area Command said some of the boys were believed to be younger than 12.

    He said the crime was carried out in a cruel and callous way.

    "I have spoken to a constable who attended the incident and I understand it was not a very pleasant sight," he said.

    "The dog was maimed and it had been treated in an atrocious way.

    "We have a number of witnesses who told us it was a group thing.

    "We conducted a canvass of residents and have spoken to a number of witnesses and now have a few leads to work with.

    "We are confident we will find all of those involved. We are very confident people in the Claymore area know who they are."

    He urged those responsible to hand themselves in before police tracked them down. "At least if they hand themselves in it will show some remorse."

    The boys were described by police as of normal height and build for their age and of white/European appearance.

    Mr Scully said he was concerned that research had confirmed a link between animal cruelty and serious crime later in life.

    "We will need to keep an eye on them [people convicted of animal cruelty]," he said. "It is a sad state of affairs.

    "I am not sure how kids as young as 12 and 13 think this is an afternoon of fun and go and do this to a defenceless animal.

    "If you do those sorts of things you will be locked up. I am very worried that some animal torturers become homicidal maniacs and sexual predators.

    "Ivan Milat was a known animal torturer when he was younger."

    If the boys are charged they will most likely escape tougher penalties being introduced by the Government in which the maximum sentence for aggravated cruelty to animals will be increased from two to five years.


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    What a horrible thing to happen to a living creature! I believe behavior like that comes from the parents or lack of parenting. Children need to be taught to respect life. Something is definitely lacking in the home.

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    They probably all goaded each other on to hurt the animal - it is a gang mentality to prove something to each other. Alone it is unlikely any of the boys would have done this. I hope the memory of that little dog haunts them when they are alone.

    The people that abuse animals by themselves, for thrills are really the ones to watch. Sadistic killers in the making - working their way up.

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    looks like they have caught a couple of them ,they are 12 and 13 yrs old .they will get off with a slap on the wrist . what happened to riding bikes and catching tadpoles .I was born in the good times I think ,the nastiest thing I ever did was squash ants.

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    Am wondering what this says about us (or at least me, anyway), since I can read about some of the most horendous crimes to human adults, and not bat an eye, yet we get all blubbery over animal crualty.

    Does this mean we're past saving, or that there's hope for us yet?

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    I think that the boys in this case should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Their actions speak well of their parents doesn;t it.

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