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    Bonnie Scotland

    UK - Carl Bridgewater, 13, shot to death, Stourbridge, 19 Sept 1978

    My fiance and I watched a facinating documentary "Interview with a murderer" on all 4 player . This really is a must watch as the police are considering reopening the case on the basis on new info Professor David Wilson has gathered . I'm really interested to hear your theories . Our theory at the beginning of the documentary was one the professor agreed upon and summer up at the end . Scary to think if this man is guilty he is still on the streets 😨


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    It really was fantastic. I figured out very early in the doc he was a psychopath.

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    I grew up in the village this happened (although years after) and the general consensus in the area is that the professor is correct. This documentary made it even more apparent.

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    I think it was almost inconceivable that he got away with it, especially after having killed someone in similar circumstances previously . I read an interesting documentary with Professor Wilson about the making of the show also . I couldn't believe it when that women at the end didn't back up his alibi 🤥🤥 his face !!!

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