Johnson, 59, was found dead in her home on Pine Valley Drive on July 4, a bloody bathrobe at her feet. Her fiancÚ, Christopher Munn, discovered her body when he came home from work around 3 a.m.

The autopsy report showed that Johnson died of blood loss from nine stab wounds to the neck, back, and chest. She also had defensive wounds.

"We don't see many murders like this. She's what we would call a very low-risk victim," Odham said, adding that most city homicides involve drug- or gang-related gun violence. "She was in her home. Her age, her daily activities, were not consistent with the type of murders that we investigate on a routine basis"...

Odham made public for the first time that investigators "conclusively ruled out" the boyfriend as a suspect, saying he was "verified to have been at work at the time of the homicide."

Neighbors told the StarNews that week that they heard nothing strange at the house the night of the killing, and police say there were no signs of a break-in.