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    Ireland - Aleida 'Leidy' Kaspersma, 26, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, 2 July 1978


    It was on the afternoon of July 2, 1978, at this very spot, that a 26-year-old Dutch woman, who had been visiting Kenmare in Co Kerry, was last seen. No trace of the well-educated, well-travelled and well-loved Leidy Kaspersma has been seen since...

    Leidy and Nick travelled in their Opel Record estate to Kenmare to do some shopping and Leidy is known to have dropped into a coffee shop. Locals later told a reporter she had seemed uneasy.

    Nick told investigators that, on their return, at around 4.30pm, as they approached the secluded Woods family home, Leidy asked him to stop the car. He said she turned to him, looked him directly in the eye and kissed him on the mouth. Wheatley claims Leidy then got out of the car and started walking back along the road they had travelled... Leidy did not return that evening...

    Incredibly, Leidy was not reported missing by Wheatley for 23 days and, on the day after she vanished, he left for Dublin to carry out some gardening work for a friend. He did not return to Kenmare until July 25. Since the day Leidy went missing, Wheatley has never contacted her family...

    A full-scale Kerry Mountain Rescue search did not take place until March 1979 - some eight months after she vanished - and the whereabouts of the couple's car remains unknown.
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    Chapter 7 - it's just a snippet of the story but lots of detail about how Leidy & Nick met.


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    The article in the Belfast Telegraph was published in all issues of the Irish Independent. http://www.independent.ie/irish-news...-34846996.html

    Here's the part I find dubious (although there are numerous dubious aspects of this case): The information imparted in the so-called deathbed confession could have been given by Woods to LE at the time Leidy went missing. A reason not to do that is that the truthfulness of the info would have been checked, and, I suspect, found wanting in truth. And what information was in this "confession"?

    Due to space restrictions, the author of the article could not go into all that in the article---he simply said that the information Woods gave could not be confirmed or verified.

    But here's what the information is: Woods said a young man in the area, with alleged IRA ties, who had been disowned by his family, had been known to have attacked young women both before and after Leidy's disappearance in those same forest areas. He named the young man. As it turns out, though, when Woods made the so-called confession, it appears the young man had died. So, no confirming anything from him!

    Again, the information seems non-incriminating enough for Woods personally, so why not tell LE all that at the time??? Instead, his son placed some kind of notice on the Leidy Kaspersma FBook page, that the family should contact his father for further information on what really happened to Leidy. An intermediary did just that.

    Also, the missing car. Locals say there is no way Leidy could be in the hills in that area or she or her clothing would have been found. As we discovered in the Bosnian and other mass grave situations, if something is buried deep enough, it won't be found by the usual LE searches. It might be time for some military-type tactical scanning equipment. If the vehicle is not found in the woods, then perhaps it travelled to Dublin. The question would be: who was the driver and did that driver have any passenger, alive or otherwise?

    I think there was a quote in the article that "someone knows something." That sounds about right.

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