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    Case Players **NO DISCUSSION**

    Case players in this case as at July 7, 2016. The following names are for clarification purposes only. For names other than the victim, Deorr Kunz Jr., please use initials throughout the discussions.

    DK - Deorr Kunz Jr. (missing child victim)

    VDK - Vernal Deorr Kunz (Deorr’s father, also referred to as Deorr Sr. and at times DKSr)

    JM - Jessica Mitchell (Deorr Kunz Jr’s mother, she and VDK are no longer together, she has recently married someone else)

    TBC - Trina Bates Clegg (Jessica’s mother, little Deorr’s maternal grandmother). Jessica called TBC when Deorr went missing, and TBC supposedly arrived at the campsite before searchers and claims to have removed and disposed of a dirty diaper of Deorr’s that was at the campsite.

    RW - Robert Walton (Jessica Mitchell’s grandfather, Deorr Jr’s maternal great-grandfather who was on the camping trip and brought Isaac Reinwald along on the trip)

    IR - Isaac Reinwand (RW’s friend, only non family member, who is one of the four adults on the camping trip)

    SB - Sheriff Lynn Bowerman, Lemhi County Sheriff's Office, lead investigator into the disappearance of Deorr Kunz Jr.

    Allan Browning, current attorney for Deorr’s parents JM and VDK

    Kent Gauchay, attorney for Isaac Reinwand

    Frank Vilt, first PI hired by VDK’s father. VDK and JM apparently told the missing children film crew that they had fired Vilt but Vilt says he quit.

    Phil Klein, second PI hired by VDK's father and later fired. Klein Investigations of Nederland, TX, they continue to investigate the case. Klein’s firm recently had cadaver dogs up to the campsite as part of the continuing search for Deorr and/or evidence. Klein claims that blood evidence was found on the base of the truck and the bumper of the truck and that FBI is aware of that evidence.
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