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    TX - September Tanielle Moore, 15, Rosenberg, 20 Oct 2004

    Family seeks help finding teen girl

    By B.J. Pollock Monday, October 24, 2005 3:18 PM CDT

    The mother of a missing 15-year-old Rosenberg girl is hoping someone may have some information that will help police locate the girl.

    September Tanielle Moore, who goes by the name "Shantelle," has been missing since early Thursday morning, when a man in his 20s allegedly picked her up from a friend's house. Moore's grandmother, Wanda Moore Johnson, said the girl left her home at Brittany Square Apartments at 4720 Reading Rd. some time between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Wednesday and walked to a friend's home on Alamo Street.

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    If this young girl has a computer at home or at her grandmothers I hope that someone looks to see if she has been talking with older men. There have been so many young girls who have gotten involved with older guys over the internet many who end up meeting the guys somewhere either away from home or the guys come right to the girls homes. I just wonder if this is one of those cases.

    I hope that this young girl is found undamaged and safe.

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    If anyone gets some pictures please post since I am in the area.... and there has been nothing on the news. Eveything is centered around the Astro's, i think every thing else has been forgotten!

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    Three Months Missing

    Any news??

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    I couldn't find anything further, but how does a "chatline" work? Do you call there and talk to employees, or do you get hooked up with strangers who call in? It seems like there should be some way to trace who she was talking to, and had arranged to come get her just a couple hours before.

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    Adult chats lines are all set up somewhat different, but here are some "features" I'm familiar with.

    Usually a person will place a "Voice Mail Ad" that lists what they are looking for.

    Usually its free for women to chat and men pay.

    Usually if someone responds to your ad you have a few options.

    - You can send them a voice mail back.
    - You can make arrangements to meet in a "private room" which means you connect through the the chat line's phone system and no one has to give out phone numbers.
    - You can go into a public room, where more than one person is talking... kinda like the old party line affect.

    You can enter a public room without responding to anyone specific... its a hang out place. This location would be free to the men who are members.

    Of course there is the phone sex chat lines... but this sounds more like a meeting place chat line.

    ***Note: About 30 years ago there was a chat line for teenagers in my area. It was put on by the church and it was free of charge, and it was monitored. It was so teens would have a place to meet other teens. This is another possibility.

    Edited to add: If they were chatting in a public room, on a pay service chat line, or on a free group chat line, it would be almost impossible to trace the call. The best they could do, if the system was set up for it, is tell you which members were on the phone at that time of day... but would they? They have some privacy issues/policies and they might not wish to turn over a partial membership list without a warrant.

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    Unhappy too quiet

    any news on September???

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    Did a quick Google search and didn't see any new information on September Moore. Bumping for her. I live in the area. I hope you come home soon.
    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment." -Sherlock Holmes

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