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    MI - Cheryl Miller, 21, murdered, Saginaw, 15 June 1974

    I missed the original airing of this on NBC Dateline last month. I remember this murder when it happened in my hometown 20 years ago. I just don't know if they convicted the right man. From the poll on the website, I see I'm not the only one. I don't think they got the real murderer of Cheryl Miller. I'd bet anything her other ex-boyfriend from Iran is the murderer. I would vote not guilty. How would you vote if you were on the jury?


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    The ten-year-old link above still works, believe it or not. Sounds to me like Gabriel Ferris got hosed, and someone got away with murder.

    From January 1995:


    Shortly after 6 a.m. on June 15, 1974, Miller, a student at Delta College outside Saginaw, was found on the bedroom floor of her apartment by her roommate, Maxine Gutierrez. Miller had been raped and strangled.

    She had bruises on her lips, scalp and right cheek, a series of scratches on her neck, and two abrasions over her collarbone, according to an April 27, 1992, article in The Saginaw News. Gutierrez told police she had seen Miller the night before at a popular hangout of Delta students called the Scene Bar, the article said.
    From August 1999, first conviction overturned:


    From September 2005:


    Ferris's attorneys were now preparing for the new trial. Moran told me that because the murder had occurred so long ago, much of the physical evidence from the crime scene had disappeared over the years. In fact, when he sent his investigator to the Saginaw Police Department, she said she was shown only one box of evidence and told that was all that remained.

    What was missing? Slides from a rape kit taken after the murder, and a packet containing several dark hairs found on the victim's body. Because of these hairs, the original detectives had pursued dark-haired suspects for years.

    But Gabriel Ferris was blonde. Prosecutors had explained away the discrepancy by claiming that the hairs weren't really from the killer, but had simply been left behind by others on a rug that the victim had rolled around on during her death struggle with the killer.

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