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    OH - Sincere Peek, 5, Fatally Shot at Home, Cincinnati, 16 Jul 2016

    "Lt. Steve Saunders, a Cincinnati police spokesman, said initial reports indicated Sincere Peek may have shot himself while playing with a gun ....

    But Saunders also cautioned it was too early to speculate...."


    "Cincinnati police said they're vetting all accounts of what happened.

    It's not known whether Peek shot himself."


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    911 calls provide insight into fatal shooting of 5-year-old

    Police have not said if they’ve determined if the boy shot himself.

    The also haven’t said where the gun was kept or who owned it.
    Video also at link.

    Two boys were playing upstairs when the gun went off, according to family members.

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    So sad a child gets injured or killed because relatives don't lock up and hide their guns. 😞

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