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    Please help pass unidentifed victims legislation.

    New York recently pass a bill stating that remains that have not been identified must be entered into NamUS. Currently, I have been trying to get PA to introduce similar language, but my local Senator and the Governor have not contacted me back.

    Below, I will post a copy of what I have sent out. I urge everyone here to contact their own officials, namely your state representatives and state senators, and try to press them to adopt similar bills, to bring closure to families. Please let me know if you need help finding contact information for your area, as it varies by location.

    "Recently, the senate of New York passed a bill regarding unidentified
    human remains that I hope you or someone in PA will strongly consider
    passing as well, A10278A. Nationwide, approximately 4,400 unidentified
    humans are handled annually by coroners, nearly a quarter of which
    remain unidentified after one year, according to Sen. Diane Savino's
    bill. It is estimated that only 15% of unidentified remains are reported
    to federal databases.

    In the modern age of the internet and mass transit, it is easier to
    solve crimes and give names to bodies, even across state lines. However,
    in order to do so, they must be entered into the national database to
    allow the ruling out of matches via DNA and other methods. Many families
    have found closure due to advancements in technology. The possibility of
    even a few matches and bringing healing to people make this worthwhile.

    The bill simply requires county medical examiners and coroners who
    receive unidentified human remains to report identifying information
    about those remains to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

    The bill I am referencing can be located at

    Please contact me back, and hopefully you will consider pushing a bill
    like this forward for the state of PA."

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    I'm going to bump this, my representative said they'd have to look into the current system before pushing anything. Hopefully if more people raise noise in their various states things might change.

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    My question and concern is why is there any debate over this? This needs to be an automatic step when an unknown person's remains are discovered.

    Many times it is impossible to enter any identifying factors as the remains are too deterioated. Perhaps a separate file needs to be started for these people. It is doubtful any will ever be identified, but there is always that one in a thousand chance that some description will click in a person known to the deceased.

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