Age last seen: 42
Age now: 45
Race: White female
Hair color: Sandy; Shannon's natural hair color is light brown, but she changes her color frequently
Eyes Color: Hazel
Height: 55.0 to 56.0
Weight: 120.0 to 130.0
Clothes: unknown

Scars and Marks:
Shannon has a long scar from her sternum to her naval; One tattoo is over her left chest- a heart with the names Evan and Ben. A tattoo of a cartoon type dragon on her right shoulder; Several ear piercings; Shannon is a nail tech and likes to have her nails done at all times, usually very long and flashy; Dentures.

Family spoke to Shannon last on June 3rd 2014. She called about 9:30 AM and told us she would call again later in the day after 2:00 PM. She never called again.

Anyone that has seen or may know the whereabouts of Walker is asked to contact Las Vegas Metro Police.