Age last seen: 22
Age now: 34
Race: White female
Hair color: Blond/Strawberry
Eyes Color: Green
Height: 67.0 to 68
Weight: 160.0 to 175.0
Scars and Marks: Tattoo of a Chinese symbol on middle of lower back, tattoo of five "stars" on foot; two to three piercings in each ear, pierced navel, pierced tongue
Clothing: Orange two piece bathing suit, no shoes
Jewerly: Ring in navel, stud in tongue

Unknown. Courtney left to go surfing in the early morning hours at Sunset Beach in Oahu, HI. All personal belongings were left behind. Her surfboard was located a few days later off the NW tip of Oahu by fisherman in the area. Courtney has a medical condition and needs medication.

Anyone that has seen or may know the whereabouts of Marcher
is asked to contact Honolulu Police Dpt.