Virginia Beach parents and students are reacting with shock and surprise after a 6th grade English teacher, with almost 20 years in Virginia Beach schools, was arrested at school for being drunk in public.

On Monday morning, administrators at Brandon Middle School in Virginia Beach noticed 58-year-old Cynthia White behaving strangely.

They called on the school's resource officer, Roderick Marcelo, and after a brief investigation, White was hauled off to the Virginia Beach Correctional Center on charges of being drunk in public.

11-year-old Kala Matthews was in Mrs. White's third period class just before the arrest and said she knew Mrs. White didn't look herself.

"Like, her hair was all messed up and she just looked a little weird," said Kala.

Administrators waited to make their move so that English class didn't turn into Drama class, but kids like Kala caught on.

"Two other people who work at the school kept popping in and out of class, so I think they knew and they were trying to keep an eye on the class," said Kala.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the school has had to deal with Mrs. White and alcohol-related charges. On March 2, 2005, White was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Virginia Beach. She refused a blood or breath test, pleaded guilty, served no jail time, but lost her license for a year. School officials say White did report that arrest to the school, but they wouldn't tell us if any discipline was handed down.