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    IN - Johnathan Cruz Could Face Death in Alleged 'Purge' That Killed Three, May 2016

    July 26, 2016
    6:12 pm

    Indiana Man Could Face Death in Alleged 'Purge' That Killed Three

    Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Johnathan Cruz, the 19-year-old Indianapolis man accused of killing three men during a four-day crime spree that police likened to the 2013 horror movie "The Purge."

    "This is unprecedented in the time that we've been in office," Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, who was elected in 2010, said at a news conference Tuesday morning. "The killings which have occurred here are beyond senseless."


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    Indiana Man Charged With Three Gruesome Murders in Four-Day 'Purge'

    include social media posts and text messages under his "Sav Hunna" alias include numerous uses of the N-word, photos and videos of Cruz flashing gang signs and documentation of phone calls and text messages in which he allegedly brags about the killing spree.

    In one of the text messages, to a woman described as Cruz's girlfriend, he allegedly wrote: "U Better go on Face book and watch da videos of me shootin people I Purge every night now Since im dieing someone else Has to Alot Of people [expletive] dat"

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    Johnathan Cruz, 19, faces three murder charges in connection with the shooting deaths of 54-year-old Billy Boyd and 40-year-old Jay Higginbotham on May 12 and 44-year-old Jose Ruiz on May 15. He also faces a slew of other felony charges connected to the killings, including robbery and intimidation.

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