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    NY - Ashley Bissal, 16, Bronx, 23 June 2016

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    I hope this is a case of her running away from home to stay with her boyfriend and not something more sinister.

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    Plea for Answers in Disappearance of Bronx Teen Ashley Bissal

    by Rachael Trost

    The Bissal family came to the United States for the same reason so many families do: so their daughters could have a better life. Ashley Bissal, 16, was trying to make the most of it.

    But tragedy has since befallen the family, as Ashley has disappeared with few clues as to where she may be.

    "We're facing a disaster, a real disaster," Ravi Bissal, Ashley's father, told Dateline. "She has a lot of future ahead of her and was doing so well. How could this happen?"

    The last time anyone saw the teen was on June 23, at a graduation party for her boyfriend at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Her parents did not know she was dating anyone, and were unaware of the party that day...


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    the boyfriend's family are not being very cooperative ? That doesn't sound good----any chance she may be pregnant and his family are "hiding" her ? Just a shot in the dark. I hope her cell phone and computer are being looked at closely. How did she fare with her academic year ? Good grades, participated in activities, helped around the house ? Anything unusual in her behavior ?
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    Entered in NCMEC in the meantime, no other info found


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