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    CT - New Britain, WhtMale UP14397, 30-40, winter-ish clothes, Aug'83

    NamUs: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/14397

    Case #: H83-1796
    Date found: August 21, 1983
    Location: 126 High Street, New Britain, CT (Hartford Co.)
    Estimated age: 30-40
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Height: 68 inches
    Body conditions: Not recognizable - near complete or complete skeleton
    Probable year of death: 1983 to 1983
    Estimated postmortem interval: 3 weeks


    Found in an abandoned building


    Black/brown pants, maroon/red thermal pants, cotton boxers, Purple long sleeved front zipper close neck sweater, long sleeved thermal shirts

    DNA: Sample submitted - tests not complete

    No recon, surprisingly. Also, no rule outs?

    Why was he wearing such warm clothes (thermals, layers, sweaters) if he supposedly died late July/very early August? That's when the northeast gets really hot... If he died July 30th, the high was 91 and the low was 73. (According to https://www.wunderground.com/history...ic=&reqdb.wmo= ) I wouldn't wear thermals in that weather.

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    It's possible he died during withdrawals from heroin. Heroin withdrawal can make you cold/clammy and get cold sweats. Maybe he bundled up to stay warm although it was hot outside.

    I don't know any homeless people who wear all their clothes at once during summer. They carry them in a duffel bag or even a plastic bag.

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    I think that's really plausible, Jess!!!

    Also, got an email last night saying his DNA is now Sample submitted - tests complete. Whoo!

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    Donald Gatti
    Last seen November 1982
    Missing from New Britain
    Height: 70 inches
    Age: 52 (outside of estimated range)
    Circumstances: "Unknown, Donald has a gambling problem"

    If he was last seen in November and died soon after, that explains the winter clothes the body was found in.

    I wonder what happened to his car.
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    Jill can't find last year's taxes either.

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    Although the clothes are a bit warm for summer, they're not really warm enough for winter in Connecticut, either. But probably aboutright for daytime in average November or March.

    If he was homeless and sleeping in the building, he might have put on the extra layer in place of a blanket. Nights in New England can get chilly even in summer.

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    I submitted Donald. The NAMUS contact said she'd bring it to the attention of LE to do a DNA comparison with the UID.
    Jill can't find last year's taxes either.

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