Case #: M-83-428
Date found: November 2nd, 1983
Location: Hartford Co., CT
Estimated age: 30-60 (listed as "age cannot be determined" for some reason)
Race: White
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Sex: Male
Body conditions: Not recognizable - partial skeletal parts only
Probable year of death: X to 1983
Estimated postmortem interval: 10 years

Circumstances: Circumstances are unknown

Deformities: Left side of skull protrudes more than right

Clothing on body: tan wool jacket, blue shirt, tan pants size 35" waist with a brown belt, black socks
Footwear: black loafer-type shoes
Jewelry: Sanyo digital watch with a siler stretch band
Other items found with body: 3 GM keys in his pocket

DNA: Sample submitted - tests complete
Dental: Dental information / charting is available and entered

My questions for this guy are: Why isn't there a location? Where was he that he could keep all of that stuff nearby even though he was found 10 years after he died? (So 1973?) What body parts didn't they find? Is that why they couldn't estimate height... Even though they seem to have a full set of clothes? Why aren't there any circumstances listed? Why isn't there a recon? I'd love to see what they meant by the left side protruding more. I feel like that would help me envision him a lot better.