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    OH - Jonathan Meadows, 41, shot to death, Warren, 28 July 2016 *Arrest*

    “She is my hero; I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she helped me,”

    Bresha Meadows is facing aggravated murder charges for allegedly shooting her father with his gun. However, her mother claims that the 14-year-old’s actions saved the rest of the family from further domestic abuse.

    Brandi Meadows gave a tearful interview to local Fox affiliate WGHP about her daughter’s arrest for the murder of her husband. However, none of her tears were for the husband, Jonathan Meadows, who she claims would drunkenly threaten them with the gun that Bresha allegedly used to kill him.
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    Oh wow...

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    I doubt they'll charge her as an adult

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzyblueyez View Post
    I doubt they'll charge her as an adult

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    Hope not.
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    Bresha shot her father once in his head as he slept on a couch in the family’s living room with her mother asleep next to him on the floor, according to her lawyer, Ian Friedman.
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    Must have been a terrible life these people were living. When I worked at a hospital in Western Kan, we had a man transferred to our facility. He was the victim of a stabbing. His seven year old son had stabbed him in one lung with a paring knife because he couldn't stand seeing his mom get beat up by his dad frequently, from what we were told. That must have been very traumatizing for that little boy to feel like he had to do something to protect his mom.

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    Dr Drew is reporting on this now.

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    A teen girl charged in connection to the shooting death of her father will be released from the Juvenile Justice Center and admitted to a treatment center, her attorney said.

    Prosecutors agreed Friday to remove the possibility that Bresha Meadows, 15, could be forced to serve a sentence past her 21st birthday if she is convicted on the charge of aggravated murder in Trumbull County Family Court...

    Friedman said Family Court Judge Pamela Rintala granted his request to release the girl and set a trial date for May 22.

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    Treatment phase nears for teen convicted in dad's death

    Though police found Bresha’s DNA was not on the handgun, “at least three people saw the gun in her hand” after it was fired, Elkins said.

    Cooper also attaches significance to information about Bresha that police didn’t release but Elkins confirmed: When police arrived the morning of the shooting, Bresha was in the shower, clothed and wet, “crying hysterically,” Elkins said.

    Cooper said she thinks it’s evidence of a plot to remove evidence of the real shooter.

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