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    CT - Cromwell, BlkMale UP13320, 21-35, black sock used as belt, in CT River, Nov'14

    WARNING: Postmortem photo at link
    NamUs: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/13320

    Case #: 14-16789
    Date found: November 9, 2014
    Location: Connecticut River, Cromwell, CT (Middlesex Co.)
    Estimated age: 21-35
    Race: Black/African American
    Sex: Male
    Height: 70 in.
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Head hair: Kinky
    Facial hair: Black kinky mustache and beard.
    Eye color: Brown
    Body conditions: Recognizable face
    Probable year of death: 2014 to 2014
    Estimated postmortem interval: 1 Week

    Circumstances: Deceased was found in water by kayakers.

    Scars and marks: curvilinear 1-1/2" scar over left elbow
    1-1/4" hypertrophic scar of right dorsal hand extending up from between thumb and index finger with suture scars around it

    Clothing on body: Blue jeans
    white nylon shorts over the jeans
    blue checkered boxer shorts
    a black sock was attached to his belt loop to act as a belt
    Footwear: White Asics Sneakers

    Dental: Dental information/charting is available and will be entered later.
    DNA: Sample submitted - tests complete

    Finally, a CT doe with a picture, even if it is a postmortem (and a picture of one of his scars). This guy seems so solvable.

    One rule out:

    Jean Michaud 1984 Massachusetts

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    Was the sock used to tie two belt-loops together? As a simple way of tightening pants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by macrauchenia View Post
    Was the sock used to tie two belt-loops together? As a simple way of tightening pants?
    That's very likely how it was. Though I can't see that being super effective. I'm mostly surprised he hasn't been identified yet...

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    A few ideas...

    Raajih Brown
    26 years old, 5'11", 160 lbs
    Missing from New London, CT (42 miles from Cromwell) since 5/31/09

    Darryl Cedeno
    28 years old, 6' - 6'2", 145 - 165 lbs
    Missing from New Jersey since 5/14/14

    Gerald Hamilton
    32 years old, 5'8", 195 lbs
    Missing from Brooklyn, NY since 9/12/07

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