Case #: BR-0002
Date found: July 5, 2011
Location: Hartford Co., CT
Estimated age: 50-70
Race: Unsure
Sex: Female
Body conditions: Not recognizable - partial skeletal parts only

Circumstances: Circumstances unknown

Dental: Dental information/charting is available and entered
DNA: Sample submitted - tests complete

EDWARD DUBBS 1937 Connecticut
Awilda Marrero 1966 Connecticut
Harriet Olsen 1924 New York
Debra Spickler 1955 Connecticut

Okay, so there's at least a skull, because there's dentals. Is it enough for a recon? I wonder what they found. Why is Hartford county so vague about these cases? Also, pretty impressed they entered this case THE DAY THE REMAINS WERE FOUND and yet... Not even a town.