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    Police in Rome cook pasta for lonely elderly couple

    Last week, officers responded to an apartment complex in Rome after neighbors reported loud crying from one of the residences.


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    Rome Police Cook Pasta for Lonely, Elderly Couple Found Crying at Home

    by Alastair Jamieson, Milena Veselinovic and Claudio Lavanga

    Four officers cooked pasta for a lonely old couple whose sounds of distress were overhead in their home, Rome's police department said.

    Authorities were alerted after cries were reported from an apartment in the city, but officers found the occupants had not been the victim of any crime.

    Jole, 89, and her husband Michele, 94, explained that nobody had visited them in months and that they had been upset by something they had seen on the television news, the police department said in a poetic update on its Facebook page on Friday...


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    I often feel the same as Jole and Michele when I watch the news lately! A story like this helps. Kudos to these police officers!

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