NamUs UP Case 15516

Unidentified White male
* Found June 17, 2016 in Weber County, UT
* Estimated Year of Death: 2015 to 2016

Vital Statistics
* Estimated age: 25-35 years old
* Approximate Height: 68' estimated
* Distinguishing Characteristics: unknown
* Skeletal findings: Premature bone loss (often associated with drug/alcohol abuse, malnutrition, or metabolic disease).
Antemortem fracture of transverse processes of 3rd and 4th thoracic vertebrae.

* Dentals:
Dental information / charting is available and entered

* Clothing/Jewelry:
Blue jacket; Jean pants; White socks; Green watch

* DNA:
Sample available - Not yet submitted

* Circumstances: A suspected transient male was found decomposing in a storage yard that was housing large commercial free-standing prefabricated bathrooms. It appeared the decedent had possibly been living in one of the bathrooms.