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    CO - Montrose Co., WhtFem UP15551, 35-45, partial skeletal in mountain forest, Jul'94

    NamUs UP 15551


    Unidentified White Female

    Body Condition: Not recognizable - partial skeletal parts only

    Probable year of death 1992 to 1993

    Estimated postmortem interval: 18 months

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 35-45
    Approximate Height: 64 estimate.
    Approximate Weight: cannot estimate.
    Hair Color: brown reddish
    Eye Color: brown;
    The hair found on scene appears to be redish brown in color and 8 to 10 inches in lenght.
    Skeletal findings: Temporo- Mandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) ; Scoliosis and Lateral Kyphosis of the spine.

    Clothing & Accessories

    Clothing: a belt

    Footwear: nothing

    Accessories: nothing

    Fingerprints: Fingerprint information is currently not available
    Dentals: Dental information is available and entered
    DNA: Sample submitted-Tests complete

    Case History
    On July 7, 1994, hikers found human remains to include a skull and mandible. The items were turned over to Montrose County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Mike Wiggins on July 7, 1994. The area where the skull was located is a remote, high mountain forest. An extensive search of the area where the items were located resulted in the finding of several bones and bone fragments that had been extensively damaged by bears, coyotes and other scavenging animals. A belt was also found at the scene but no clothing, jewelry or other items were found to aid in the identification of the skeletal remains.

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    She was only wearing a belt?? Weird.

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    I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

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    the animals and weather probably shredded her other clothes

    Quote Originally Posted by Tssiemer View Post
    She was only wearing a belt?? Weird.

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    The Doe Network

    Artistic renderings of the victim

    Unidentified Female

    Date of Discovery: July 7, 1994
    Location of Discovery: Montrose County, Colorado
    Estimated Date of Death: 6-12 months prior
    State of Remains: Skeletal
    Cause of Death: Homicide
    Physical Description

    ** Listed information is approximate

    Estimated Age: 35-40 years old
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4" to 5'7"
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair Color: Reddish-brown or auburn
    Eye Color: Unknown
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: She suffered from temporomandibular joint syndrome. Her spine showed signs of scoliosis.
    Dentals: Available. Some of the teeth were missing because they'd been pulled by a dentist, while others fell out after death. She had a gold molar and full-cast gold crown, as well as multiple dental artifacts.
    Fingerprints: Not available.
    DNA: Unknown.
    Clothing & Personal Items

    Clothing: Part of a woman's black vinyl belt was discovered near the bones. It was the only clothing item found.
    Jewelry: Unknown
    Additional Personal Items: Unknown
    Case History

    The victim's skeletal remains were located by hikers near the Smokehouse Campground on U.S. Forest Service Road 402 (Divide Road) on July 7, 1994. The area is commonly called "Windy Point," thus her nickname Jane Doe of Windy Point.
    The skull was delivered to authorities in a plastic spring water bucket. It showed marked mummification with adherence of tissue to both the internal and external portions of the skull and about the base and face. Searchers recovered an intact humerus and intact scapula, with mummified tissues. There were also portions of spinal cord and the right pelvis, and multiple bone fragments.
    No antemortem trauma could be identified based on the existing remains. The remains sustained carnivore damage. No identification was found near the remains. The medical examiner whose officer conducted the forensic facial reconstruction from her skull found no useful trace evidence.
    The cause and manner of death are forensically undetermined, but some law enforcement officers suspect foul play. Investigators believe the woman was slain at another location, brought to Windy Point possibly in the fall of 1993 and then covered with tree limbs to conceal her whereabouts.
    Investigating Agency(s)

    If you have any information about this case please contact;Agency Name: Montrose County Sheriff's Office
    Agency Contact Person: N/A
    Agency Phone Number: 970-252-4023
    Agency Name: Montrose County Coroner's Office
    Agency Contact Person: Dr. Thomas Canfield or Inv. David G. Harrison
    Agency Phone Number: 970-249-7755

    Agency Case Number: LE: 94-01703
    NCIC Case Number: N/A
    NamUs Case Number: Not listed
    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.
    Information Source(s)

    Colorado Bureau of Investigations
    Montrose County Coroner's Office
    The Montrose Press News Archive
    The Denver Post News Archive

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