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    GA - Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call

    Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call

    A police officer was shot dead while responding to a call of a suspicious person in south Georgia, authorities said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectingpink View Post
    Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call

    Under the same link, we find:

    In a separate incident, a man stabbed a police officer Saturday while he was responding to a 911 call in Long Island, New York, authorities said.
    It's no wonder LE is on edge.
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    The number of police officers being killed or attacked is so sickening. IMO they have a much bigger chance of being shot then even just last year, yet there are ones that think police need to be softer and gentler to criminals.

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    The man suspected in the shooting death of a central Georgia police officer has been arrested, according to the Telfair County Sheriff's Office.
    Royheem Deeds, 24, had been considered armed and dangerous, authorities said.

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    An Eastman police officer who was shot and killed Saturday night would have turned 31 on Monday, authorities said.

    Officer Tim Smith, who joined the Eastman Police Department in February 2011, might have celebrated his birthday with his three children and father, in whose footsteps he followed to become an officer.


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    ETA: Link above says they arrested the suspect early this morning (around 3am) in FL.

    This is the area that all of my family lives in. We were just there in July and when I say "small town" I mean small town. The population is 5,500 and everyone pretty much knows everyone. Hearing some rumors from my friends on FB that the shooting was an accident (said shots were already being fired and LEO stepped in the middle when he got out of his car) but I'm not sure anyone can prove that or not. I did hear that he was able to radio in for help and identify the suspect as well as they have dash cam video but no body cameras. I literally don't know of anywhere I feel more safe than when I go home to visit. We never locked our doors growing up, there were no murders that I know of for a string of several years and it's really just a sleepy little town that you don't go to by accident. Sad times we live in now

    This is JMO obviously and take with a grain of salt since I "heard from" locals and didn't witness with my own eyes!

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