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    AL - Ann Bragg, 76, Columbiana, 2 December 1951

    So after years of searching I located information on my grandmother on ancestry. In finding her I found out about her family and discovered I have an aunt who went missing and it remains unsolved to this day. What I'm curious about is that the case was reopened twice once as long as 38 years after her initial disappearance. While there was a small article on the reopening of the case due to "recent developments" there was no follow up on the case in the papers. Any info you guys can help me dig up would be much appreciated. Here's the link to the reopening of her case. https://news.google.com/newspapers?n...,4002580&hl=en

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    This is my great-grandmother. My mother was there the day she went missing. There are many stories and theories as to what happen. How are you connected to her. Ann's daughter Grace is my grandmother.

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