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    FL - Colleen Wood, 53, Fort Lauderdale, Dec 2000




    Above Images: Wood, circa 2000
    No code has to be inserted here.

    Details of Disappearance
    Her disappearance was reported to Fort Lauderdale Police on April 16, 2001. Her disappearance is considered to be extremely suspicious. Colleen is originally from Ohio and was last seen in the Fort Lauderdale area. Colleen was last heard from in the later part of December, 2000.
    Approximately 14-16 months prior to her disappearance Wood met a subject by the name of John Paul and eventually moved onto Paul's boat. Both had planned to take an extended trip on the boat. According to Paul in early December he and Wood became involved in a dispute and Wood left the boat but returned in mid December to gather her belongings, at this time two large white males accompanied Wood. This was the last time that Paul had contact with Wood. After the New Year, the family began to worry. Her son tried calling Colleen on her cell phone but the account had been closed. Michael immediately contacted the police in Florida - but there was no evidence of any crime. Back in Ohio, Colleen's son searched the Internet - in hopes of finding an address or phone number for John Paul. Instead he discovered that John Paul had served 15 years in a Federal penitentiary for attempted murder. It turned out Colleen's boyfriend was the mastermind behind a drug-smuggling ring in the early 80s - and tried to kill his partner-in-crime for ratting him out. John Paul was paroled in 1999 and met Colleen less than a year later. His plan to sail around the world was in violation of his parole. Family and friends were certain Colleen knew nothing about John Paul's past. In April 2001 - some four months after Colleen was last heard from - detectives were led to some suspicious activity on Colleen's credit cards. Between mid-December and mid-February, cash advancements totaling over $40,000, had occurred on Colleen Wood's cards. Investigators believe that not only did Colleen Wood not make any of the transactions, they were not made with her consent. Also raising suspicion were two ads that appeared in a local newspaper. Both ads were placed in the name of Colleen Wood, using her credit cards and both were ordered by a male. The first ad ran in the "help wanted" section in early December. The person who placed the ad was looking for a first mate on the boat. The second ad, which ran in mid-December was in the personals "male seeking female" section. Detectives finally tracked John Paul down in May, 2001. It was then, according to detectives, that John offered another version of the breakup with Colleen, in which he said that in mid-December, he and Colleen had a large fight over money that she owed him. Despite the inconsistent stories regarding John and his breakup with Colleen, there is no solid evidence to indicate he had anything to do with her disappearance. He has not been named a suspect in the case. Police believe John Paul has now left town, violating the terms of his parole. Detectives would like to bring him in to question him again about Colleen's disappearance. Colleen has always been very close to her family and it is extremely unusual for her to be out of touch.
    Wanted for Questioning: John L. Paul, Sr., circa 2000 No code has to be inserted here.

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    POI in Colleen Wood's disappearance (John Paul, Sr.) is also a POI in the disappearance of Chalice Paul. Her thread here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...st-Summer-1981

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