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    France - William, 65 & Christine MacDonald, 66, Normandy, 21 August 2016

    British couple in their 60s go missing in France after travelling across Europe in a camper van

    William and Christine MacDonald have not made contact since Sunday
    The couple, from South Lanarkshire, Scotland, were last seen in Normandy
    Daughter Kirsty Wileman said they had been on holiday since July
    Ms MacDonald's mobile has not been working since Sunday

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz4IHEC9900
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    The couple were last known to be staying in Honfleur in the lower Normandy region and were heading for Callais to return home on Friday.
    Christine’s mobile has not been working since Sunday and the couple have not made a bank transaction since then
    “The coastal roads in that particular area are really bad. We are very concerned.”

    This does sound alarming.

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    They are in a holiday area during the holiday season. That the roads would be bad in the region is new to me.
    Honfleur to Calais is a 2,5 hr drive if you take the motorway.

    I hope they were wise and did not stop in Calais but went straight to the ferry.

    For all we know, the may already be in the UK.
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    Scots pensioners feared missing in France on holiday have been found safe and well


    Their son David launched and urgent people, but has since confirmed that they have been traced and are safe and well.

    Daughter Kirsty Wileman said French police had been scouring campsites in the area they were last seen before they made contact yesterday.

    She said she was "relieved" to know they were safe last night.

    She said: "My dad switched his mobile on to hundred of missed calls and messages."

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity ~ Hanlon's Razor

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