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    Richard "Ricky" Henry Jones, 18, October, 1975, Brantford, Ontario

    A family photo of Richard "Ricky" Henry Jones, who was last seen by family in 1975. (Diane Jones Sanderson)

    Detectives with Brantford Police have talked with four people who remember Ricky Jones, a man last seen by family in the fall of 1975.

    But the conversations haven't led very far in the search for Jones.
    Jones's family approached a local newspaper and Brantford Police put out the word about the decades-old missing persons case earlier this month.
    The four people police spoke to were students at Sheridan College in the mid-1970s, and remembered Ricky Jones, said Insp. David Wiedrick, of Brantford Police.
    "It appears that Ricky attended some of his classes after he was last seen in Brantford in October 1975,"
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    "At this stage, due to the lack of information that we have found on Ricky, he is either passed on, assumed a different name or is living somewhere other than Canada," Wiedrick said in an email.

    In many cases, people missing that long have passed away. Wiedrick became concerned Jones may be one of those people. "If Ricky was one of those persons, we may be able to provide his family some closure," he said.
    But ultimately, if Jones is found, it's up to him if he wants to re-connect with his family.
    The unusual story came to light when the man's younger sister, Diane Jones Sanderson, contacted the Brantford Expositor in February 2016, with hopes of finding her brother. The paper then called police who began looking into the request.
    There seems to be very little information about Jones who was last seen in 1975 on Clench Avenue in Brantford. He was enrolled at Sheridan College in September that year and was in the graphic arts or graphic design program.
    According to a description given to the Brantford Expositor by the man's family, in 1975 Jones was "tall and thin, 5-foot-10-inches to six-feet in height with brown hair that curled down to his shoulders that he parted in the middle. He didn't have tattoos or identifying moles but he did have a bit of a cleft chin," the paper reported.

    Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Detective Terry Shipp at 519-756-0113 x 2266.
    "I couldn't believe how many road blocks we had," Wiedrick said
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    BRANTFORD - Diane Jones Sanderson desperately wants to know what happened to her little brother.
    Richard Jones - known as Ricky - was tall, slim and good-looking when he disappeared in 1975.
    Forty years later, his sister cruises web-pages of missing persons and found bodies in hopes of finding some clue about Ricky's location.
    "At the time the family just thought he was messed up in drugs and had taken off." Diane Jones was young and had her own issues at the time her brother disappeared.

    But, as the years went on with no word from Ricky, she worried.
    Her mother and brother-in-law went to the police, but if an official missing persons report was ever filed, it's been lost over the years.
    After four decades, Diane couldn't even remember if family had talked to the Brantford Police or to a police service near where Ricky had been living at the time.
    "Now it's the computer age and I thought there might be a chance, after all these years.
    In recent years, Diane started looking at missing person sites that document people who have disappeared and unidentified bodies that have been found.

    "It's hard to look at all these cases but they're taking DNA now from these unidentified bodies and there have been several instances of identifying kids from the 70s. I kept waiting to see Ricky's picture there, thinking they'd add it soon."
    The family has some of Ricky's DNA, in case they're ever asked to compare it with a body.

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    Missing Person from 40 yrs ago - News

    March 4, 2016

    In February 2016 a sister of a male that had not been seen since 1975 contacted the Brantford Expositor (Susan Gamble) and requested assistance in locating her brother. Reporter Susan Gamble contacted Brantford Police who did cursory searches of computer databases and could not locate any information of the missing male. Service Ontario and Canada Revenue Agency were also contacted to no avail. Brantford Police are sending out a Tweet with the most recent picture of the missing male provided by the family. It is the investigators hopes that someone may know where the missing male is now living so that police can contact him to advise that his family are looking for him after all these years. Any information to assist in locating a male who has been missing since 1975 would be appreciated.

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    Bumping for Ricky, somebody has to know where he can be found.

    A family photo of Ricky Jones, taken before he disappeared
    All of a sudden, he was gone'

    The disappearance happened 41 years ago.
    "Back then, there wasn't an internet or anything, for us to know what direction he went in, or what happened, orů"
    But Ricky was an adult, she said.
    "I mean, it was the '70s," Jones Sanderson said. "Brantford was very small and lots of people I know just left, right? You know, traveling around Canada and hitchhiking, stuff like that. So that's possible."
    She said there was no falling out with the family.
    "It was just, he started school. And then all of a sudden, he was gone. And our whole family was in a turmoil with my mother so sick and everything, and everybody rushing back and forth to the hospital."
    "We just kept expecting to hear from him and never did," she said.

    "That could have been his choice. I don't know. Or maybe it wasn't."

    Brantford Police provided a phone number for anyone who has information about Jones' whereabouts: Det. Terry Shipp at 519-756-0113 x 2266.
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    Not related to this case, but noticed some small similarities with this missing person in NY and posted this link to his thread.
    speculation, imo.
    NY - Michael Scott McLaughlin, 21, Syracruse, 23 Oct 1975

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