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    AZ - Girl, 3, who weighed just 16 lbs died eating cockroaches, 23 May 2015

    This precious baby girl was failed by everyone who was supposed to protect her. RIP beautiful child.

    An abused three-year-old girl died eating cockroaches on the floor of her parents' Arizona home because local authorities didn't properly investigate her case, it has been alleged. Alexandra Velazco Tercerro died on May 23, 2015, weighing just 16lbs. Her brother, aged six, later said that he had seen her eating cockroaches off the floor of the room they were locked in in Suprise, Arizona.
    Her death came a year after she and her brother were supposed to be taken into care - and as the result of a catastrophic oversight by local authorities, azcentral said Tuesday.


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    Why did these parents want to keep the children?

    The relatives who babysat and the other peopke who saw these kids probsbly were not mandated reporters,

    But really! Can you even imagine seeing children in that condition and remaining silent!

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    People tend to "look the other way" and not "get involved". So children are raped, and tortured, and starved, and murdered.

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    Grotesque abuse per above link: child's skull exposed due to injury, signs of sexual abuse--maybe was motive to keep child alive?
    Poor child has stunned, scared look in photos. Dog collar found in room where she was kept locked.

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    Why not just kill her and put her body where she won't be found?

    This is a case where the idea of a trial and wasting all of that time and money makes me burn, I wish we did not have to do it. There is no justification.

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    This breaks my heart. RIP Alexandra

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    SCHMAE said this on a different thread and I am going to quote it here, giving 100% attribution to SCHMAE:

    SCHMAE SAID: I'm sorry little one I'm sorry that we can cure diseases and reach outer space and run corporations from a phone in our hand but we could not protect you.
    For all our accomplishments, we're just big fat failures.

    Another one this applies to...
    "A word after a word after a word is power."
    ~Margaret Atwood~

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    This reminds me of a case here in the UK where the little girl had been eating the wallpaper.
    Everyone failed those children, officials, family, her so called parents...
    Sleep tight little one.

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    Roberts: How 3-year-old Alexandra slipped by DCS and into her grave

    & from September 2015

    State prosecutors will seek the death penalty against two Surprise parents in connection with the death of the couple’s three-year-old daughter.

    The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Friday filed its intent to seek the death penalty against Carlos Cruz and Rosemary Velazco.

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    Their own child. Both of them. Monsters.

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