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    Australia - Robert Whitwell, 81, murdered, Craigmore, QLD, 8 Aug 2016 *Arrests*

    "[2 neighbours] found the body of Mr Whitwell in his home at 11.30am on August 8.
    They had become concerned when an unread newspaper remained in his driveway and contacted police who, at the time, said there were several factors about his death that could not be fully explained..."

    "[Mr Whitwell's granddaughter, Britney Jade] Dwyer, 19, and friend Bernadette Burns, 21, were arrested in Queensland on Friday over the death of the Mr Whitwell...."


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    During Holmes’ appearance on Monday, prosecutors alleged that, on April 30, she and Dwyer drove from Queensland to Craigmore to “observe” Mr Whitwell.

    They claimed Holmes sent Dwyer a text message saying “he said ‘hi’ to me, he’s lovely” to which Dwyer replied “don’t get attached to him, he might have to die”.
    Prosecutors said those messages were part of 19,000 texts sent between the pair over two years that had been recovered by investigators.

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    She plead guilty, I want to read those text messages!!

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