On June 30th 1983, Robert "Bobby" Gutkaiss went to the Pease farm for his first day of work. When he didn't arrive home that night, his mother notified authorities. The farm owner said that Robert had left at around 6 pm and was walking down Route 22. Eight days later, his body was found after a foul odor was reported. His death was ruled a homicide.

Upstate Cold Case: Police still look for killer of 15 year old near Albany 33 years ago

Thirty-three years later, New York State Police investigators are still trying to figure out who killed the teenager. They released information about the case this week as part of a State Police's series on cold cases.

There are currently no suspects and no new details on a cause of death, said State Police Senior Investigator John Camp.

At the time, police believed the boy had been sexually assaulted and killed, according to a 1993 Schenectady Daily Gazette article. Police looked at several suspects, including family members, but no one was arrested, the paper reported.
Troopers shine spotlight on 1983 killing of Stephentown teen

Gutkaiss left for his first day of work as a berry picker at Pease Farm in Stephentown on June 30, 1983. After working for two and a half hours that afternoon, he left on foot, heading north on state Route 22. The boy promised his supervisor he'd return for his paycheck that evening but never did. At 10:40 p.m., his mother, Grace Gutkaiss, reported her son, known as Bobby, had not returned home.
The first article notes that serial killer Lewis Lent was once considered a suspect.

Robert's page on find a grave has some more information about the family members.

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