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    TN - Murfreesboro, WhtMale UP1585, 31-45, bypass surgery scar, on fire, Aug'78

    NamUs: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/1585

    Saw there was a John Doe who had a recent article put out by a local news station, and I didn't see a thread for him. http://wkrn.com/2016/09/01/victim-of...ns-a-john-doe/

    NamUs says he's a 31-45 year old white male, with "medium straight brown hair", no facial hair. He was 70 inches tall and was found on August 1, 1978. Under scars and marks, it says "CHEST, DECEASED HAS BYPASS SURGERY SCAR MID ABD0MEN, DACR0N GRAFT AND METAL CLIPS.", and apparently he has unspecified moles as well. According to NamUs, he was skeletal remains. However, the article says:

    Deputies were checking out a fire at the Poole Knobs Campground when they made the gruesome discovery.

    “Thought it was a pile of trash burning and, upon further inspection, they realized it was a person, and they determined this person was shot multiple times and set a fire,” said Det. Steve Kohler.

    The murder was brutal, and the crime scene photos are so bad we can’t show them to you.
    He has DNA and dental, but according to the article, he had upper dentures.

    John Doe had scars on his chest, a sign of complicated heart surgery. He also had upper dentures, but detectives can’t track down where they came from.
    “We did find out during the investigation that Murfreesboro was a denture bootleg, a bootleg denture hub,” said Det. Kohler.
    Two rule outs listed:

    William Bishop, Jr. 1936 Tennessee
    James Sanders 1945 Tennessee

    There was also a reconstruction:

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