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    CA - Los Angeles, WhtFem, UP4218, 27, in dumpster, Aug’84

    NamUs UP 4218 https://identifyus.org/en/cases/4218

    No Image Available

    Unidentified White Female

    The victim was discovered in a trash dumpster behind a local market on the morning of August 27, 1984, in Los Angeles, CA

    1555 S. Garey St.
    Pomona, CA 91766

    Body Condition
    Probable Year of Death: 1984

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 27 Years
    Approximate Height: 62 inches (5 feet 2 inches)

    Fingerprints: Available
    Dentals: Available
    DNA: Not Available
    Scars and Marks: Mole on upper lip; mole on left cheek

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    My thinking is that this could possibly be Sally Anne Schneider.

    Age: 26 at date last seen, 27 at the time the Jane Doe was found (Exact Match for UID)

    Height: 64in (2in taller than UID)

    Weight: 130lbs (8lbs lighter than UID)

    Eye Color: Hazel (UID had brown eyes, hazel could be mistaken as brown)

    Hair Color: Brown (UID listed as having black hair, Schneider’s picture shows very dark brown hair, could possibly be mistaken for black)

    Clothing: Last seen wearing purple blouse (UID found wearing purple blouse)

    Facial Features: From the picture, it appears Schneider has a mole at the corner of her lip and another one on her cheek bone (UID is noted as having a mole on her upper lip and left cheek)


    Place Last Seen: San Anselmo, CA (420 miles)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Adding Sally Anne Schneider's links


    FB post by her sister reveals a bit more about Sally's last whereabouts than it was known, also it appears that her case is being currently reviewed and DNA was taken just last month

    "8 August at 23:12 ·
    Saying her name:Sally Anne Schneider.

    Tho I prefer to think she is alive, my sister. Let me tell you her story. In Feb 1984, she went to a party in San Anselmo. Driving home, she was arrested for drunk driving & her car was impounded. She was released from Marin jail at 6AM, though the impound place didn't open until 9AM. This is the last we know of her. Yes, she disappeared.

    A day later....her wallet was slipped thru the mail slot of her apt. Today, it occurs to me it could have been a Good Samaritan. Then, it felt creepy & stalkerish.

    Today I had my cheek swab bed for DNA. (I don't think the detective had been born in 1984). Today we are aware of missing persons.Today police departments are connected to each other. Calls for info are in the news. We have social media. Hell, we have cell phones.Not so much in 1984.

    I prefer to think my sister took off. It makes me happier. My parents, before their deaths, thought she had died. There had been no family argument. I can't imagine what it would feel like for one's child to choose to not ever communicate (w/no good reason that is).

    Saying her name - Sally Anne Schneider. My sister. Blessings on her, where ever she is."


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    Investigator Machian got back to me:

    A fingerprint comparison was done between the decedent and MP Sally Schneider and this was a Negative match. The decedent is not MP Sally Schneider.
    Hopefully, her family will get answers once the DNA sample is processed.

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