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    GA - Pvt. Felix Hall, 19, Fort Benning, 12 Feb 1941

    Longread from the Washington Post:

    The story of the only known lynching on a U.S. military base

    Pvt. Felix Hall was strung up in a jack-knife position in a shallow ravine. A quarter-inch noose, tethered to a sapling on the earthen bank above him, dug into the flesh of his neck. His feet, bound with baling wire, were attached by a second rope to three other saplings, and his hands were tied behind him.

    Hall succeeded in kicking loose his legs and freeing his left hand. Then, while he still had breath, he desperately scraped dirt loose from the ravine wall, trying to scoop out enough of the sienna-colored earth to build up a mound beneath his feet that he could stand on to take the strain from his neck, the FBI would later report. He got the dirt up to the arches of his dangling feet. But the earth was soft and loose and ultimately not enough to support his weight.

    When investigators eventually arrived on the scene and examined his body, hed been suspended in this position, in the woods of Fort Benning, for more than six weeks. Maggots were eating his flesh.
    much more at the link

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    How sad and interesting. I know most of his family is long gone, but my heart hurts for them. What that poor man went thru had to be horrifying. Hopefully the good Lord above dealt with these people accordingly for what they did. I think the FBI needs to man up and release the entire report and at least his two remaining relatives who knew him will finally know the truth.

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