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    IL - 14 year old boy reportedly abducted, East Alton, 6 Sept 2016

    Police: No reports of missing children following abduction claim
    An elderly man driving a white utility-type van with newspapers covering the back windows reportedly abducted the boy near the intersection of Murray Street and Grand Avenue, Wood River police said.
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    If no one was reported missing, and no one knows who the alleged abductee is, where did they get the age of 14 from?

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    Article says a young person saw it happen.. may they know the boy..

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    If this is not a hoax, not a parent/child disciplinary situation, or a cover up by the kid reporting the incident, then that is very frightening.

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    "East Alton Police Chief Darren Carlton on Tuesday speculated that the incident could have been a father or guardian angry at a boy facing household punishment, and nothing nefarious. However, if so, nobody had come forward to explain."


    Hopefully this is the case and no one is missing. A parent may not want to come forward and say "Yeah that was me"
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    This seems to happen with some regularity - and the guardian/parent won't come forward because they are living kind of a sketchy life. A guardian who drags a child into the vehicle so roughly that strangers notice and report it aren't going to stand up and say yep that was me. It's highly likely they're already in the "system" and don't want to attract further attention.

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