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    Australia - Suzanne Armstrong, 28, Susan Bartlett, 27, Collingwood, Vic, 10 Jan 1977

    ( to paul1980 for bringing this case to our attention)

    Suzanne Armstrong, 28, and Susan Bartlett, 27, were stabbed to death in a frenzied attack in their home in Easey Street, Collingwood, on the night of January 10, 1977.


    Ms Armstrong was raped and stabbed 29 times and before being found on the floor in her bedroom.

    Ms Bartlett was stabbed 55 times and her body found in the hall outside Ms Armstrong's bedroom.

    Ms Armstrong's 16-month-old son was left unattended in his cot for two days before the bodies were discovered.
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    A one million dollar reward is being offered:

    Million dollar reward offered for information on Easey St murders

    Herald Sun
    January 14, 2017

    Investigators have been methodically eliminating persons of interest for the past two years and are confident of a breakthrough.

    Strong DNA evidence is the key to finding the attacker, who without force walked into the Collingwood terrace house on January 10, 1977 and stabbed the women to death.

    Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said police had been working through 131 people of interest, of which 41 were now deceased.

    Police to offer $1m reward to solve Victoria's 1977 Easey St murders

    Homicide detectives will announce the new reward for information on the 1977 murders of Suzanne Armstrong, 28, and Susan Bartlett, 27, on Sunday, News Corp reports.

    The women were stabbed to death in a frenzied attack in their home in Easey Street, Collingwood, on the night of January 10, 1977.

    Police have a DNA profile of the offender, but testing in 1999 eliminated all eight prime suspects in the case.


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    I would simply love to see this solved, so excited by the reward!

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    After forty years, the window of opportunity to catch the killer is closing, and it's closing rapidly.

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    More from the ABC:

    Easey Street murders: $1m reward to catch cold case killer who left toddler alone in cot
    UPDATED SUN JAN 15 16:35:19 EST 2017

    'The sister of one of two women killed in their inner-Melbourne home 40 years ago has made an emotional plea to the public for information, as police offer a $1 million reward for help to solve the crime.'

    'Suzanne's sister, Gayle Armstrong, raised Gregory after his mother was killed, and said it was his cries that alerted the neighbours to trouble.

    He was 18 months old, he was in the cot for two days before they found him, and it was only because of his crying that the next door neighbour found them when they did," she said.'

    "I was his mum and in recent years he has found his own father and he visits them regularly and has got quite close to them, so he's going OK."

    'Since her sister's death, Gayle Armstrong said she had been unable to watch the news, saying it was "all concerning people like me".

    She became emotional when asked what it meant to her that police were still actively involved in trying to find the killer.

    "[It means] everything, everything. It's something that has to be finalised and this reward should have been offered 39 years ago and it'd be solved and we wouldn't be doing all this now."

    She said she had not lost hope that there would be a breakthrough.
    "I hear the miracles that [police] do solve [cases] and I think Suzanne will be next," she said.

    "They will do it, they will find this person. With the DNA, even if this person is dead, you can now go to family members and find out that way if it was that person."'
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