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    IN - Cory Heinzman for child molestation, Arcadia, 2005

    A state child protection worker facing trial in two molestation cases was back in court Wednesday, facing charges in a third assault on a boy.
    After being arrested on a warrant issued Tuesday, Cory Heinzman, 36, was released from the Hamilton County Jail on $25,000 bond early Wednesday.

    Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp said authorities filed paperwork forbidding Heinzman from having contact with the alleged victim.
    Heinzman, a caseworker with the Indiana Department of Child Services, was placed on unpaid administrative leave after his initial arrest in May.
    Leerkamp said she did not ask that he be held without bail in the latest case because the alleged molestation happened prior to his May arrest, and there is no evidence he has committed a crime since then.
    "The incident did not actually occur while he was free on bond," she explained. "But we do have information that he was having contact with this individual while he was free on bond."
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    I cant believe they let him out on a bond,

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    Okay, I need some help here folks. This guy was convicted and sentenced to 106.5 years. On appeal, on 10/31/2008, most of his conviction was upheld, but the conviction for Corrupt Business Influence was overturned. The sentence for that part of the conviction was only 4 years. However, I can't find this guy anywhere. He is not in Indiana DOC, he is not in Hamilton County Jail and he is not in federal custody. Where is he? Surely they didn't release him because one small part of his conviction was remanded? This is driving me nuts.


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    state child protection worker AND a child molester as well? Now that's an oxymoron if I ever heard of one.

    I'm completely baffled how this so called child protector/molester is out to commit a 3rd crime (if I'm reading the post right).



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