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    E! TV airing show about JonBenet Case

    Show starts at 10:00pm eastern time
    Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008
    Ethan Stacy 2005-2010

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    Did U Watch It?

    I didn't see this post in time to check out that program. Did you? Will you just report on it for us? Thanks.

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    I watched perfect murder perfect town last night till 11:30 at night, i have seen it before a long time ago but for some reason last night when i watched it i never really noticed until then how much they focused on patsy in the movie...I am still reading the book as well,.

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    I wish they would update the ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deandaniellws
    I wish they would update the ending.

    I wish I had seen the ending!! It was on TV a few months back and I Tivo'd it and hubber erased it before I watched the end. Lord knows, gotta make room for ANOTHER Simpson's re-run!

    THEN I got it from Netflix and have had it for about 2 months - it's so long, I keep falling asleep before the end!!!

    Perhaps I am not supposed to see the ending............
    Above is my opinion only

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    John Walsh

    I missed the E thing, it wasn't on our channel, but.........I heard John Walsh say, WE DO NOT HAVE A NATIONAL DNA DATA BANK..Many states do not participate .
    He said in Florida where they maintain a state data bank, 88 sex crimes were solved, arrests were made and innocent people were freed, thanks to keeping a dna data bank.
    I don't know about the rest of you, but I thought when the foreign dna was placed in a data bank that we really had one!!

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