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    Finding the body

    From Linda Arndt’s report:

    I then spoke to John Ramsey. I suggested to John Ramsey that he and Fleet White check the house "from top to bottom to see if anything belonging to JonBenet had been taken or had been left behind. I talked with John Ramsey in the kitchen of the house. After I had spoken to John he immediately went to the basement door. I saw Fleet following John Ramsey. I then returned to the den area. The time was approx. 1300 hours.
    At approx. 1301 hours I received a page to phone a BPD number. There was no answer. I had tried to make this call using one of the cellular phones at the house. I then returned to the den.
    At approx. 1305 hours I saw Fleet run from the area of the basement door to the den. I heard some type of shout or scream before I saw Fleet. I saw him grab the phone in the den, dial two or three numbers and then hang up the phone. Fleet then ran back towards the basement doo and yelled for someone to call an ambulance.
    I followed Fleet to the basement door. The door to the basement was wide open..
    I was standing in the hallway, facing the door to the basement, when I saw John Ramsey coming up the final three or four stairs. John was carrying a young girl in his arms. The young girl had long blonde hair. John Ramsey was carrying the young girl in front of him, using both of his arms to hold her around her waist area. The young girl's head was above John Ramsey's head while he was carrying her. From a distance of approx. 3 feet, as John was walking up the stairs, I was able to make the following observations to this young girl:
    • both of her arms were raised above her head and were motionless;
    • her lips appeared blue;
    • her body appeared to have rigor mortis;
    • there was a white string attached to her right wrist;
    • there was a bright red nark, approx. the size of a quarter, at the front of her neck;
    • the lower portion of her neck and the right side of her face appeared to have livor mortis.
    I told John to place the young girl's body on the rug just inside the front doorway.
    John did as he was instructed. The young girl was JonBenet.
    JonBenet appeared to have been dead for a period of time. I touched JonBenet's neck in an attempt to locate any sign that she was alive. JonBenet's skin was cool to the touch. There was dried mucus from one of JonBenet's nostrils. My face was within inches of JonBenet's face. I detected an odor of decay. John Ramsey asked me if JonBenet was alive. I don't remember the specific words John Ramsey used. I told John Ramsey that his daughter was dead. John Ramsey moaned. I told John Ramsey to go back to the den, where the other persons in the house were congregated. I told John Ramsey to phone 911 and have detectives and a coroner respond. I told John Ramsey to go to Patsy.
    After John Ramsey left I picked up JonBenet and carried her into the living room. I laid JonBenet on the rug located inside the living room. I noticed that JonBenet was wearing long white cotton pajama-like pants. JonBenet was also wearing a long sleeved white cotton or knit top. JonBenet's face was turned to her right side. There were no coverings on JonBenet's feet. JonBenet's feet appeared to be white (i.e. drained of color). I did not notice any marks to her feet. Shortly after I had moved JonBenet into the living room I heard a loud guttural moan and wail coining from the den area of the house. The noise sounded as though it was made by a woman. John Ramsey came into the living room area approx. 1 to 2 minutes after I had sent him back to the den. As John entered the room he asked me if he could cover up JonBenet. John grabbed a throw blanket that was lying on a chair located immediately inside the living room. John placed this blanket over JonBenet's body before I had a chance to speak. I adjusted the blanket on JonBenet's body so that her clothing was covered from her neck down. I also covered the neck area of JonBenet. I had covered the wound on JonBenet's neck with her long sleeved shirt before John Ramsey arrived in the living room. I told John Ramsey that he could say good-bye to his daughter, but he could not move her body, touch her hands, or lower the blanket. John knelt on the floor next to JonBenet. John repeatedly referred to JonBenet as "my little angel. John stroked JonBenet's hair with one of his hands. John Ramsey laid down next to JonBenet, placed an arm around her body, and made sounds as though he was crying.
    I did not notice any tears.
    John Ramsey then rolled away from JonBenet's body and went into a kneeling position. When John rolled away from JonBenet's body he looked around, towards the hallway. John Ramsey then knelt by JonBenet's body, hugged her, and called her his little angel.
    After approx. 5 to 10 seconds John stopped hugging JonBenet and again looked toward the hallway.
    John remained kneeling near JonBenet when I looked into the hallway, towards the den. I was able to watch JonBenet, John Ramsey, and the people coming from the den toward the living room. I saw Patsy Ramsey. It seemed as though Patsy was unable to walk without the assistance of someone on each side of her, holding her up. Patsy, and [names redacted] came into the living room area.
    When Patsy saw JonBenet's body she immediately went to her and laid on top of her. As I faced JonBenet from the hallway, John Ramsey was to the right of her body, [name redacted] was near JonBenet's head, Patsy Ramsey was next to [name redacted], [name redacted] was next to Patsy (near JonBenet's feet), and [name redacted] and [name redacted] were also near the lower portion of JonBenet's body. [Name redacted] left the living room and went into the kitchen area. [Name redacted] seemed to be very upset. When [name redacted] entered the living room, she was shaking and her eyes were wide. [Name redacted] grabbed onto my arm and repeatedly told me not to leave. I asked Rev. Hoverstock to pray for JonBenet and to lead everyone in a prayer. I then stood near the piano in the living room and was able to watch everyone in the living room, as well as I, who was still in the kitchen area.
    Patsy was crying and moaning while she was with JonBenet. Patsy raised herself onto her knees, lifted her arms straight into the air, and prayed. Patsy said "Jesus! You raised Lazarus from the dead, raise my baby from the dead!" At approx. 1312 hours there had been no officer response. There had also been no response from the coroner or an ambulance. The closest phone was a cellular phone in the kitchen. This phone was located approx. 12 feet away. I quickly walked into the kitchen, grabbed the cellular phone, and returned to the area in the hallway right outside the living room. I phoned 911. I reached Dispatcher Santiago.
    I told the dispatcher that I needed a detective response and a coroner at my location. I identified myself by my radio number, 156. Within approx. 3 to 5 minutes of this 911 phone call I made a second 911 phone call. I again reached a dispatcher whose voice I did not recognize. I was transferred to a supervisor. I informed the male supervisor that I needed detective response, the coroner, and an ambulance at my present location. I gave my location as 755 15th St. I told the dispatcher that I was at the scene of a homicide.
    Prior to making this second 911 phone call I had seen an ambulance drive slowly northbound on 15th St., past the Ramsey residence. At approx. 1320 or 1325 hours Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the Ramsey residence. Officer. Weiss had responded to the first floor north door, located off the caterer's kitchen. Offcer Weiss had been calling out my name. I briefly met with Officer Weiss and then returned to the hallway outside the living room area. I informed Officer Weiss of the current situation.
    “It saddens me that 20 years after my sister Nicole’s murder, we are still seeing the same crimes, just different names, over and over again.”
    - Denise Brown (sister of Nicole Brown Simpson)

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    All of their behavior reeked of Broadway to me. LA seems to note it too.
    As so many have pointed out, it like they are doing what they "think" they should be doing or how it would be in a movie.
    (Seriously they basically wrote verbatim a lifetime movie. All a director would have to do is slap a few lead characters in and done. Movie made.they wouldn't have to even add extra flair. It's already there. I almost want to call PR Scarlett O'Hara. Seriously.)
    Why in the heck was the response time so absolutely horrible in this case??? Not that it could have saved JBR but the responders didn't know this! I don't take them having a skeleton crew due to the holidays as a proper excuse. In a situation like this, everyone should have been alerted and been ready to work. Hell isn't that why they have holiday pay anyway? More incentive to work. Why on earth would any police precinct be on a skeleton crew to begin with?? Holidays are the absolute worst time for crimes!
    Everything JR did that morning was hinky. Especially how he discovered the body. The scene was so staged.
    Why on Earth did LA let anyone near JBR body after the state she was found in? Preserve the damn crime scene. It's already been messed with enough. She even refers to it as a homicide in her calls to dispatch.
    Was LA already overwhelmed by the amount of people in home/controlling the crime scene?
    Personally I would have already cleared the house of everyone but the immediate family after my arrival. Even though she hadn't been found yet, the home was still a crime scene!
    Protection of the scene was critical.
    JR wouldn't have got passed the room I initially sent them to to sit and wait. It was the the investigative team's place to search the area thoroughly.
    From the moment JR ripped the duct tape off the scene was compromised. By the time LA had reached the foot of the Christmas tree with JBR's body trace back how many crime scenes were already involved.
    1.) First crime scene was where the initial attack occurred.
    2.) Second was the area they placed her to set the scene up.
    3.) The wine cellar.
    4.) The place in front of the door where LA had him place her.
    5.) Where LA next moved her and was left for everyone to crawl on and over.
    There was so much contamination of the scene it disgusts me. Depending on how many people visited the house during the last few weeks, laying JBR in front of the door was probably where she picked up a lot of the foreign DNA. It was the absolute worst place to lay her down.
    JR shouldn't have moved her to begin with. I think he just wanted her "found".
    JMOO ~

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    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

    Everything I write is my very own opinion unless I give a link. I can and will change my mind when the evidence leads me in another direction.

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    everything about her being found and how she was found is just HORRIBLE.They just totally disrespected her.I swear that I read this somewhere but I don/t recall where...that they gathered all around the body holding hands and praying....I remember it cause I instantly thought WTF was Linda Arndt doing?

    Why did he bring her upstairs?
    He could have sent Fleet for Arndt.

    For the SHOW imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madeleine View Post
    everything about her being found and how she was found is just HORRIBLE.They just totally disrespected her.I swear that I read this somewhere but I don/t recall where...that they gathered all around the body holding hands and praying....I remember it cause I instantly thought WTF was Linda Arndt doing?

    Why did he bring her upstairs?
    He could have sent Fleet for Arndt.

    For the SHOW imo.
    Exactly! Of course I would think JR and PR probably looked down their nose at LA. "How dare she try to keep us from our baby"!
    I doubt JR liked that she told him to go to the other room after he put her body down. I think he was wanting to be in charge of everything. That's why he came back to "cover her". I think he was wanting to be in the middle of her discovery so he could control the evidence and maybe even "overhear" discussions LA may have been having in regards to the situation.
    Especially to see if she, LA, was still buying the intruder scenerio. So he placed himself in a way, in-between LA and JBR. Then Patsy and crew come in and do their show and wedge LA even further from the most important piece of evidence...the body.
    I do think it was all deliberate even though they couldn't control what occurred after the body was found. I think they had to be impromptu after the fact. I do give them kudos for the Oscar winning performance. JMOO.
    They even brought in their very own audience. All their friends.
    I honestly have never looked at other parents during a time of grief as I did them. For some reason, from the beginning, I felt deep down something was seriously wrong with the whole thing.
    I can even say that everyone grieves differently. I totally accept that thought and fact. But not the Ramsey's. Just like Susan Smith I felt something was completely wrong.
    I say this often when talking about the three of them....but they just set my teeth on edge and I immediately grit my teeth to stop that feeling.
    It is almost like anger is building in me. Yes these are my emotions and only how I feel, but I think a lot of people go with their gut feeling. There is a sort of instinct.
    Even cops follow their instinct. Just like LA was making mental notes of everything that seemed off to her. It's those small hunches that I think our subconscious picks up on.
    Are they usable in court? Hmm well in a witness testimony you would go off what this person experienced and saw through their eyes as a trained investigator. It isn't as concrete as DNA but it can help with a jury to know what it was like at the scene. First hand experience.
    My feelings of course aren't first hand experience mind you. But LA's was.

    I can"t even fathom how it must have been for LA in that house absorbing all of the info and scenes and seeing the main piece of evidence, the body, be totally hijacked and the lapse in responders getting there....probably knowing that the killer very easily could have been right there in eyesight.
    With emotions all over the place I'm sure she was worried in those moments that the killer may emerge from the group if they thought they were found out. Murder/suicide could have so easily been the outcome.

    Eta: JMOO!!!

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    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

    Everything I write is my very own opinion unless I give a link. I can and will change my mind when the evidence leads me in another direction.

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    Reading that made me so angry...for various reasons. But most of all because of all of the obvious mistakes LA made! Freaking ridiculous.

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